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Join us in taking a nostalgic step back in time to the 1960s

What's this web site all about?

Short Term: to encourage racing classic old slot cars in Melbourne, Australia
Long Term: to support vintage slot car racing worldwide.

What's the racing all about?

Racing original mass produced slot cars from the 1960's period or thereabouts.

1960's scratch built cars too.

What scale?

1:32 and 1:24

What brand?

Names such as:
  • Scalextric
  • Revell
  • Eldon
  • Strombecker
  • Cox
  • Russkit
  • Aurora K&B
  • Tamiya
  • Dynamic
  • ...and others

Race where?

On private tracks or commercial venues.

Rail Racing

Lets unearth the history of the forerunner to slot car racing.


'Not Allowed' sign indicating that modern day replica cars are not in the spirit of true vintage racing
Rule #1
No modern-day replica cars;
this is a magnet-free zone!

As nice as they are, they are
simply not the same as the
real deal.



Club Listings
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Links to on-line videos HERE

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Submit photos of your old cars to the ultimate archive of catalogued slot car photographs.

Click HERE

Strip of camera film showing vintage slot cars. Click to go to photo gallery featuring all the popular makes


Tips on car restoration and motor performance
'Flower Power' icon. Click for tips on car restoration and motor performance
Click on the flower for the power


Roadside sign warning that no magnets are allowed ahead

Real men and women don't
need magnets to keep their
slot cars on the track!


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